Estate Career Options : Property Appraiser, Property Manager, And Real Estate Analyst Essay

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Introduction This report focuses on three real estate career options: property appraiser, property manager, and real estate analyst. These career options will be analyzed in detail regarding the responsibilities that each entails. Additionally, the nature of the work will be discussed along with the personal strengths and characteristics associated with each career option. This will provide a better context when conducting the comparison and contras. An explanation will be given about which career option works best for my personality and interests. The purpose of this report is to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different real estate careers and apply personal interests to the material taught throughout the course of this term.

Property Appraiser Property appraisers are professionals who provide appraisals: an estimate on the value of something (“Property Appraiser”, n.d.). In this case, it is the value of a property for purposes of sale, insurance, development, financing, and tax. It is extremely important that the appraisal performed is accurate because it has a direct impact on the community and economy. Property appraisers may focus on a specific area of real estate such as residential or commercial. To be even more specific, appraisers may focus their attention on restaurants, condominiums, hotels, warehouses, and many more. The main duty of a property appraiser is to create detailed reports about properties of interest that specifies the value and the

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