The Justification Of Lee Harvey Assassination Justified

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The Justification of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Assassination Imagine you are sitting next to a loved one in a car on a warm sunny day. You are being driven through town while smiling crowds watch from the sidelines. Everything is going perfectly until three shots ring out, and you look down to discover that you have blood splattered over you. Except to your dismay, the blood covering your clothes is not your own but your loved one’s. In the chaos, someone tries to get to the car in order to help your loved one and the person shot in front of you. Little can be done for your loved one as they lose blood rapidly. You helplessly watch as the very person you love dearly dies in front of your eyes. The loved one is rushed to the hospital only to die thirty minutes later. All of the feelings of shock and horror are exactly was Jackie Kennedy felt after witnessing her husband’s assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald was taken into custody to be questioned and put on trial. He was being transported when a man, Jack Kirby, shot him in the stomach. He died two days later. Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination was justified because it saved the nation from the time and resources needed for a high-profile trial, he killed the leader of the United States, and it brought comfort to the nation, even though first-degree murder is breaking the law. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the name Lee Harvey Oswald became notorious in most households, and that would have made it

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