The Kargil War : A Conflict Between India And Pakistan

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The Kargil war was a conflict between India and Pakistan. The two countries’ Armies were greatly involved in this conflict, with Pakistan having a bigger role to play in the war. It is important to note that Pakistan begun preparing for this war as early as February 1999 by selecting, training and deploying troops into the Kargil region. It is also imperative to understand the main intention behind all these preparations. The main aims of this grand plan were to isolate Siachen, to cause disruptions at several places in the main road connecting Leh and Srinagar, and to interrupt NH-1A. All these were meant to set the stage for attacking the valley through military and terrorist actions with the main objective of executing their main agenda dubbed ‘Op Topac’ – which was to gain control over Kashmir valley.
As discussed by Raghavan & Shorey (2002), the Pakistani troops could not approach the valley directly by taking the routes through either Kupwara or Baramulla because of the presence of heavy snow and Indian troops. Therefore, the country’s army opted for the Kargil sector as the main route through which they could pursue their plan. Pakistan’s success in this battle would mean that the country would gain confidence and prepare itself to launch the final attack against its enemy and liberate Kashmir. Moreover, if the country managed to seize Kashmir Valley, it would put them in a better position to avenge its shameful defeat in the 1971 conflict.
The Kargil area is
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