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  • The Effect Of Conflict: The Conflict Of Kashmir, And Kashmir

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    Conflict Jammu and Kashmir is being contested by India and Pakistan as their integral part since 1947. The conflict of Kashmir started at the time of the partition of the subcontinent into two countries, India and Pakistan in 1947. It was decided that the Muslim majority states will accede to Pakistan and the Hindu majority states will go to India. Jammu and Kashmir despite being a Muslim majority state had to accede to India by the virtue of instrument of accession signed between the Maharaja

  • Essay On A Trip To Kashmir

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    many places but there’s one which no one can resist going to- Kashmir. Down my memory lane, I recall that it was two years ago when all of a sudden my dad decided to go on a vacation to Kashmir. Visiting Kashmir had been a dream for years. After learning about this decision, I was on the top of the world! My friends who previously

  • Kashmir Issue

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    non-negotiable. While each side sticks to its claims over Kashmir, the Kashmiri Muslims continue to pay a heavy price for their defiant struggle against overwhelming odds in order to exercise their right of self determination. For more than half a century the Kashmiris are oscillating between uncertainty and destitution. They continue to suffer misery and repression under illegal Indian

  • Conflict Of Kashmir: The Conflict And Conflict In Kashmir

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    Kashmir is considered one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia, mainly because of the majesty of the Himalayan Mountains. Its is located at a between four different countries, serves as a divider between Afghanistan and China; however, Kashmir is also highly disputed between the Pakistan and India. Recently, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly has called Kashmir “one of the world’s most militarized places” (Lazaro 2012). This decades old conflict runs much deeper than a land dispute between

  • Kashmir Conflict : The Conflict Between India And Kashmir

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    fought over the state of Jammu and Kashmir, a fight which has increased the conflict. The conflict over Kashmir is located in the heart of South Central Asia and shares borders with Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and India. It has a population of 12.4 million. After the Buddhist and Hindu rule, Kashmir was converted into Islam and became part of mogul empire in 1586. After the British rule, Maharaja Hari Singh was unable to decide which dominion the state of Kashmir secede to. The decision was to stay

  • The War in Kashmir

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    history of the relationships between cultural groups and culture conceptions of women. The war in Kashmir is the cultural conflict I have chosen to research. Kashmir is located between the nations of India and Pakistan, for which these two nations share cultural and historical connections. Which neither historical links have helped in contribution to a solid resolution between these two countries. Like Kashmir, India and Pakistan are home to various cultural groups such as Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian

  • Kashmir's Conflict : The Conflict Of Kashmir And Kashmir

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    Jammu and Kashmir Dhruv Malhotra In the summer of 1947, millions forcefully emigrated from India to Pakistan. People were uprooted from their homeland and sent to live in Pakistan. Some would travel on foot, some on carriages, but most by Train. The trains were given a warm sending off by the officials and sent on their way. As the train reached Pakistan, the doors opened and out flowed a pool of blood. Almost everyone on the train had been massacred. One of those people was my great-grand father

  • Kashmir Issue

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    return home by the dusk. That’s the fear that the people of Kashmir are living with. Freedom, for Kashmir, is a search for the lost identity of its rich cultural & religious class of medieval world. The issue of Kashmir is not as ordinary as most of the people in India think. People of Kashmir are dying & dying for the future of their unborn. I just want to convey to the outer world & the citizens of India that the common man in Kashmir is not a

  • Ethnic Conflict: Kashmir

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    The conflict in Kashmir dates all the way back to 1947 and still continues to this day. Kashmir is an 85,806 square mile territory North of India and East of Pakistan. Kashmir was one of the many states governed by British rule before gaining its independence in 1947. This independence was not truly meant to be permanent; the ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh, was meant to join Kashmir to either India or Pakistan. The majority of Kashmir’s population was Muslim, so Pakistan, being a Muslim nation, expected

  • Causes Of The First Kashmir War

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    over the princely state of Kashmir and two others. The territorial dispute over Kashmir led to the First Kashmir War in 1947. This paper attempts to explain this conflict using different levels of analysis. This paper first explains the historical context of the war to show the causes of the war. Then this paper goes on to explain the war using different levels to analysis to determine that dyadic levels and individual decision making levels all explain the First Kashmir War occurred. The steps to