Kargil War

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  • The Kargil War : A Conflict Between India And Pakistan

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    The Kargil war was a conflict between India and Pakistan. The two countries’ Armies were greatly involved in this conflict, with Pakistan having a bigger role to play in the war. It is important to note that Pakistan begun preparing for this war as early as February 1999 by selecting, training and deploying troops into the Kargil region. It is also imperative to understand the main intention behind all these preparations. The main aims of this grand plan were to isolate Siachen, to cause disruptions

  • Political And Historical Conflict Of India And Pakistan

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    Long history of political and historical conflict can trigger two countries to fight over a problem very minimal. The Kargil war was fought because a country crossed another country 's border. This was a war between two countries India and Pakistan they are very similar countries they share common cultural, geographical and similar economic. Before 1947 India and Pakistan was a whole country but in 1947 after the British Raj new nations were formed. When the nation got divided into two India ended

  • India and Pakistan Dispute Essay

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    India and Pakistan Dispute This dispute dates back to the partition of the British Indian Empire, in August 1947, into two independent states, Pakistan and India. At that time there were also around 565 princely states, large and small, which were under British suzerainty but were not directly ruled by the British Government. Most of these

  • The Pros And Cons Of Operation Badr

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    soldiers to come up and recapture the posts. Undoubtedly the first half of operation Bdr by Pakistan was really an execution of top class warfare tactics but second half proved as a biggest disaster for Pakistan, which it ever faced after 1971 Indo-Pak war. The operation was so secretive, that had it been a success, it would have been regarded as great clandestine military operations ever. The intruders, regular army of Pakistan were firmly holding our peaks for a period of at least three months hiding

  • Relations Between India and Pakistan

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    decades. Its ramifications will be considered in relation to each state’s security and regional ambitions, the Kashmir dispute and their acquiring of nuclear technology. Particular focus will be given to the Kargil conflict in determining if continued vexed relations could lead to nuclear war. The

  • Cross Border Terrorism And Kashmir

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    majority state contiguous with its territory should be part of Pakistan. After losing three battle (in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and Kargil conflict in 1999) on the name of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan, they failed. Pakistan very well knows that in conventional war they will never accession Jammu and Kashmir; they approached the low conflict intensity war with India by using sub-national actors as a relatively cheap and easy way to keep Indian forces to tie down and to balance the

  • The November 2008 Attack : Failures And Fault Levels

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    deep humiliation of the national security and intelligence agencies, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee established a committee, chaired by K. Subrahmanyam, to determine the causes of the massive intelligence failure. The committee’s report, the Kargil Review Committee Report, suggested sweeping reforms, including the establishment of a specialized marine police based out of coastal police stations. The government did not enact these suggestions until 2005–06. However, it took the 2008 attacks to

  • Kashmir : India And Pakistan Essay

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    Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places of india which lies between Pakistan and india. It’s a heaven of the earth which embraces glaciers, pristine rivers and valleys, forests and green- biodiversity. but Kashmir is a reasean for stresses between Pakistan and india. This issue was started since in 1947 when india became independent by british impere. After that Kashmir has been becoming the concerning issue of both India and Pakistan. Eventhough indai is denying saying Kashmir is an international

  • Pakistan, India and The Disputed Region of Kashmir Essay

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    strategic dimensions. Pakistan is no other exception to this; now this thought paper will discuss what sort of flaws are there is Pakistan’s foreign policy regarding the undisputed territory: Kashmir. The long conflict ravaged part which has caused several wars between India and Pakistan. Pakistan, ever since its inception, has been proclaiming a right on the territory of Kashmir. Indeed Jinnah argued that “the new nation would be incomplete without Kashmir…and the ‘K’ in Pakistan stood for Kashmir,” While

  • International Relations During Cold War Era

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    “Title Needed” Conceptual Framework Nuclear Parity as a concept started prevailing in International relations in Cold War era. According to the Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms by US Department of Defense (2005): “Nuclear parity is a given condition at a given point in time when opposing forces possess nuclear offensive and defensive systems approximately equal in over all combat effectiveness”. As a theoretical concept it is regarding keeping a equilibrium in balance in power, weaponry