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The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is the most commonly used personality instrument in the world. The Keirsey temperament is a tool that helps people better understand their personality. After taking quiz, it was revealed that I most closely resemble the Guardian temperament. Guardians are observant and cooperative. Seeking security and belonging, they are concerned with responsibility and duty. Guardians have four types which is Supervisor, Inspector, provider and Protector. Guardian’s greatest strength is logistics. They excel at organizing, facilitating, checking, and supporting. This is so close to my personality. I shared my temperament result with my three best friends. They were agreed with the results. It is same as my …show more content…

It is interesting to note some people figures described by the Keirsey guardian temperament. For example, George Bush and Mother Teresa are guardian temperament. Mr. Bush is a guardian, especially of the “protector” type. This is obvious in the action. He has taken to protect and defend the U.S, almost to the point of isolationism. Moreover, his beliefs in conservative Christian values show that he exhibits the guardian characteristic of

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