The Kennedy Wives

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The Kennedy Wives
I. Introduction
A. Introduce the topic in general. The lives of Rose, Ethel, Jackie, Joan and Vicki are described from their childhood to meeting their husbands, to the achievements accomplished in their lives. Amber Hunt is an award winning journalist who writes for the Enquirer of Cincinnati handling investigations. She was in the Knight-Wallace fellowship program for journalists at the University of Michigan. Along with this co-written book with David Batcher, she has written three true-crime books that include Dead but Not Forgotten, All-American Murder, and See How Much You Love Me. David Batcher is a writer based in Minneapolis who studied theology and literature at St. Olaf College. Together, these two have managed
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Growing up, her parents John Vernou Bouvier and Janet Lee Bouvier gave her a glamorous life, but their marriage inevitably spiraled downward. She may have been affect by her parents’ very public and unpleasant divorce. She attended the Chapin School for Girls, Miss Chaplin’s at the age of six and would attend high school with lifelong friends. Her interests included reading books and riding horses; she enjoyed reading all the literature she could get her hands on and she rode horses at events. In the fall of 1947, Jackie began to attend Vassar College where she began her dating life. When she returned from a school program in Paris, she completed her education at George Washington University. She was notified in the early spring of 1951 that she had won the 16th Annual Vogue Prix de Paris. Before her trip back to Europe, she had dinner with her friend and Washington columnist Charlie Barlett. This is where she was introduced to a Democratic Congressman by the name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Jack offered to go somewhere else to get some drinks, but she politely declined and she left for her trip some short days after. Although she declined the Vogue job, one thing that happened during her trip was an engagement to John Husted Jr. However, since she had to come back to the states, that didn’t last long and after another dinner at Charlie’s, she and Jack…show more content…
I really only knew about John F. Kennedy and Jackie as well as some information about Robert Kennedy, but not really his wife. Really, the only name recognized was Jackie, but I was intrigued by the fact that it contained a biography of five women, four of which I barely knew anything of. I learned about the many sexual escapades that several of the brothers had and how their wives chose to look the other way and still supported them. Most of the information was new to me. For someone who has not read much into the lives of the Kennedys, this book is an adequate introduction. It gives just enough information for any young adult or older that is curious and looking into the lives of the Kennedys. This book is definitely recommendable and a book that I would read in my free
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