How Management Practices Can Be Varied And Talent Development Issues

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In order to be successful in emerging markets or simply think thoroughly the strategies of globalisation, one of the five contexts framework mentioned by Khanna, et al. (2005) is the labour market. They mention that ‘In spite of emerging markets’ large populations, multinationals have trouble recruiting managers and other skilled workers because the quality of talent is hard to ascertain’ (p.67).

Therefore, to strengthen the labour markets, multinational companies should focus their human resource management mainly on how management practices varies from one region to another and talent development. This report is intended for global managers of HSBC Holdings as one of multinationals that operates in many countries. Generally this report’s purpose is identifying how management practices can be varied and talent development issues in one of the biggest emerging markets, namely India. As management practices can be diffused or in need to be altered to suit the local country and also what the global managers of HSBC need to be aware of in developing the talent of their labours, global managers need to look upon the local’s context of HRM in this case is India. India opened their markets for foreign firms to enter their market in the early 1990s that was due to the liberalisation of their economy. These foreign firms tend to have superior and more efficient HRM systems than India’s firms. Budhwar & Varma (2010) state:

“The economic reforms created massive pressures on Indian

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