The Key Differences Between Organic Foods And Gmos

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This paper begins by providing key information and terms for the argument to provide a basic understand of concepts of the key differences between organic foods and GMOs. The topics discussed in this paper will include, but will not be limited to: safety regarding human consumption, regulatory controls, and how these two different products are produced. To provide an overview of these important topics, a distinct contrast will be made. The paper concludes with an overview of the topics discussed and key ideas which can aid in a solution of the argument given. The abbreviation GMO refers to a technique used to produce an organism or microorganism, by genetically engineering it. In today’s modern world, scientists are most commonly using …show more content…

166). Even though such studies might be compelling, these findings need further research to fully understand the effects of consumption. When the effects of consuming organic foods are examined, a different outcome is discovered. According to Huber, Rembialkowska, Srednicka, Vijver (2011), a large-scale study named PARSIFAL concluded: children which consumed organic foods (regularly) showed lower allergenic rates as well as lower body weights when compared to traditional or engineered foods (Huber, Rembialkowska, Srednicka, Vijver 2011). With further research, other positive results are discovered. Specifically, a study produced by Princeton reviled that consuming organic foods lowered risks from chemical contamination, supplemental hormones, and antibiotic risks (“Greening Princeton”, n.d.). In contrast to GMOs, consuming organic foods were directly linked to positive results, which helps solidify the argument that they are a safer and healthier option over engineered foods. This conclusion also aids in the point of discussion (which will be reviewed below) that stricter FDA guidelines need to be emplaced to protect American citizens from unknowingly consuming GMO products; which could have possibly dangerous, unknown long term side effects. The FDA 's current labeling policy should be stricter in its guidance on the labeling of foods; unequivocally, GMOs. First, we will examine the FDA’s current labeling policy in regards to GMOs in plant-derived

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