The Key Features Of The Academic Fields And Human Resource Management

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE KEY FEATURES OF THE ACADEMIC FIELDS “INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS” AND “HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT [HRM]” INTRODUCTION The main aim of the study is to compare and contrast the academic fields of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, in this essay, both the fields are defined, highlighted key features which will help in understanding the similarities and differences with a conclusion. Industrial Relation can be defined as the study of all kind of employment relations in the broader perspective. All forms of economic activity in which an employee works under the authority of an employer and receives a wage in return for his/her labour. Teaching and research in Industrial Relations involves the study of work and employment relationships in all forms. These relationships involves management and employees but get influenced beyond individual workplace, for example: the relationship gets affected by the intervention of the state for passing new laws and policies, international trade, dynamics of the capital market. The study of Industrial Relations consists of various analysis of the employment relations over time period. It focuses on goals and needs of the workers, evaluate the problems faced by the workers. In involves collective form of dealing between labours and employers through trade union. Industrial Relations in Great Britain has always been voluntarist system wherein the state had minimal intervention in the employment relations as

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