The Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Safe Sex Behavior among Sex Workers

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‘It’ first appeared in 1981 in the United States of America. Since then ‘it’ has only grown larger and by the end of year 2006, some 1,106,400 people in US were living with ‘it’ and around 21% were undiagnosed. Some 56,300 people become infected with ‘it’ in 2006 alone. ‘It’ killed 14,561 people in the US and its dependent areas in 2007 and some 583,298 people have succumbed to ‘it’ as of 2007 in US and the death toll is rising every passing day. (CDC. HIV Prevalence Estimates—United States, 2006. MMWR 2008; 57(39):1073-6.).The ‘it’ discussed here is HIV AIDS. We have failed miserably to curb its growth, leave alone finding a cure, for this dreadful disease even after 28 years of its first appearance. World…show more content…
This learning issue envisages to focus on these issues and determine options to deal with it. What is a KAP study? KAP study stands for knowledge, attitude and practice study.KAP studies are “highly focused evaluations that measure changes in human knowledge, attitudes and practices in response to a specific intervention, usually outreach, demonstration or education” (The Duluth Lakeside Neighbourhood KAP Study Karlyn Eckman and Rachel Walker, July 2008). KAP studies are an important tool in the field of public health. They are more cost effective and they also use resources sparingly in comparison to other methods of social research because of their great focus and limitations of scope. Social surveys include a broader range, whereas KAP studies focus only on a particular topic. The emphasis in a KAP study is on: Knowledge: It is the understanding of a particular topic. What does a community know about a certain thing ? Attitude: It means what they feel about a particular thing and the pre conceived notions which they might have about it. Practice: The actions which are displayed as a direct consequence of the knowledge and attitude possessed by the community. Protocol of a KAP research: It consists of a methodology which defines the design of the study, the manner in which it should be conducted and the way to analyse the findings. The following elements are

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