The Knowledge Process And Management 's Role

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Introduction This critical analysis will discuss a quantitative study regarding the knowledge process and management’s role. This investigation views knowledge sharing as related to its application. The authors are interested in determining if and how management’s influence effects the knowledge sharing process. This paper will examine the study, providing criticism on the problem statement, academic justification, literature review, research questions, methodological choice, and the findings. Study Nesheim, Olsen, and Tobiassen (2011) completed a study to determine how knowledge communities contribute to the application of knowledge within an organization. The firm selected is located in Norway and exists as a result of the merger…show more content…
The material uncovered in the results can provide managers of knowledge exchange and application processes with valuable information on how they may further promote knowledge transfer and application (Nesheim et al., 2011). Literature Review The study builds upon existing literature, similar to the concepts identified as having value in this examination. Literature on knowledge transfer has mostly focused on informal networks, created by the normal day-to-day interactions of employees (Hansen, 1999). While these groups offer knowledge transfer, there is little managerial influence over the process. Formal groups with managerial oversight in the knowledge sharing process drive the focus of this study (Nesheim et al., 2011). Literature that focuses on knowledge groups where management has a critical role in the facilitating of the knowledge transfer process has been identified. Inclusive to this group are articles that emphasize use and effectiveness of knowledge (Nesheim et al., 2011). Though there are clear similarities in the literature between the available research articles, they are divergent in the definitions, context and/or organization design. While discussing the work of Song, et al (2005), the authors reveal the study as having examined high-tech firms and define knowledge application as relating to the
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