The Lack Of Promotion For College Students Essay

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Due to the lack of promotion to college students (especially international students), Athens Farmers Market (AFM) seems to ignore a large potential market of students. This problem not only indicates a potential market that AFM missed and ignored, it also brings other possible consequences if AFM keeps doing so. For example, in most cases, consumers tend to purchase at the same grocery store, which can be categorized as brand loyalty. However, college students in Athens are more likely to purchase at AFM’s competitors (Walmart, Kroger) due to AFM’s fewer opening hours and distance. But Deighton et al. (1994) indicates that advertising can have effective influences on brand switching, which would apply to AFM as students start to purchase products at AFM instead of Walmart repeatedly. Further, Walmart (or Kroger) as one of the largest supermarkets in the retail industry can compete and restrict the customer base of AFM. Thus, advertising to students, a major group of potential consumers in Athens, would help AFM’s development in several aspects including customer base, reputation, and profitability.

Third Criteria: Advertising Effectiveness
Cost and convenience are indeed important to comparison and evaluation different methods used for AFM’s advertisements to student. But effectiveness (the effect measured or expected from different advertising methods used) can also be crucial to decision making on advertising strategies of AFM. Based on the potential

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