The Lack of Privacy over the Internet

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It is apparent, that privacy is becoming less of a factor to people now days and technology contributes to it. Technology is a big part of the problem in many ways. Camera are installed almost everywhere, that make it almost impossible to not have your every movement accounted for with the use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). Social media also contributes to the lack of privacy one may have, by ones choice to post about their private lives including their family and friends. With so many devices that are being developed, to be able to collect our personal usage date, or store out personal data, it is almost impossible to own anything technology based, that does not tract something of some sort. The main focus of technology development, is convenience. Which is resulting in our personal privacy to be at stake. Privacy will become a thing of the past in due time. By cameras being installed everywhere and devices being equipped with data collection capabilities without our prior consent or choice, social media, and by the new gadgets that have surfaced on today’s market, we are blinded by the multifunctional convenient capability features. As we expect to have our personal privacy on our terms, we need to remember in most public places, cameras are present. According to Feldman, D. (2002) in Privacy Right and Public Spaces, “While initially slow to embrace this technology, in recent years public area CCTV has also become more popular in the United States” (p. 1).
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