The Law when Two Companies Merge

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1A. During the Merger of AB and YZ into MN, an issue relating to licence keys will arise because of the Copy Right Act of 1988. This is as the software that was previously licenced to both companies has now become invalidated due to the fact it was licenced to each individual and respective company, but not MN as a whole. Therefore any software used in the development and hosting of the database and website, will now have to be renewed. For the merging of the systems and newly built website, the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 would expect a reasonable level of quality that someone, who is in the business would be expect from web design and database systems university graduate. The Supply of Goods and Services Act also stipulate that we should agree to a cost that is reasonable for part time university students. This could be around 3-4k for the website and around 2k for the database integration. A time scale of around three months should also be set; this will be to allow the student to carry on with their study while working for MN. We should also be aware that a website made by students may not have the most secure systems employed, and a data breach could be possible. If a data breach does happen then the impending ICO enquiry for breaking the Data Protection Act 1998, will land squarely on our shoulders. This is as the courts will not accept our decision to allow students to become MN’s data controller. Systems should also be in place to automatically delete
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