The Leader And Work Environment At The Crested Butte Community School

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According to DuBrin, the United States is much less acceptant of power and authority. This is much different to India and China where acceptance of power in engrained into the culture. Understanding this cultural acceptance helps the leader exercising power carefully in the context of a specific situation. This essay will analyze the leader and work environment at the Crested Butte Community School and will map out the playing field for power and politics with this organization.
The principal of this school oversees a staff of 150 teachers, instructors, educational coaches and administrative support from diverse backgrounds. Most major decisions are made at the district level. These include number of school days, …show more content…

The leader of the Crested Butte Community School demonstrates a democratic style of leadership. In terms of the growth curve this organization rests in the mature stage. That said, the attraction for families to relocate to an area such as Crested Butte, Colorado is growing. As a result, the administration needs to be vigilant to match staff with the growing number of students.
The staff within this organization is seasoned which reflects the style of the democratic style leader. For the younger staff, the leader utilizes a more authoritative approach and provides direction and support. Throughout the organization, retention is strong and the school experiences very little turnover. The leader is seen as a hand’s on leader who seeks input from others during the decision making process. That said the leader makes the final decision. During the work week communication to all staff is distributed to inform the group of a variety of topics, with group discussion of those topics identified take place mid week. This inclusion creates an environment of trust and motivation within the group. (Cherry, K. 2016).
The democratic style of the organization’s leadership mirrors my personal leadership style. I am a true believer of inclusion constantly seeking out input of others during the decision making process. At the end, the final decision rests on the shoulders of the leader. Utilizing all three styles of leadership is essential which is dependent

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