The Leader 's Ethical Values Influence Leadership Style Essay

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Would it amaze you if you discovered that ethics and leadership style are correlated? The leaders come from various industries for instance, public, private, government, and non-profit/for-profit. The leader’s ethical values influence leadership style. The research suggests that the transformational leadership style is established on deontological ethics whereas transactional leadership is based on teleological ethics.
Leader values and transformational/ transactional leadership suggest that a divergent set of ethical values serves as the foundations of the respective leadership influence processes. Teleological (utilitarianism) ethics are associated with transactional leadership while deontological (moral altruism or Kantian rights) ethics are linked to transformational leadership. A transactional leader behaves in a moral way that brings great satisfaction to the greatest number of people. Teleological ethics emphasis on the ends and outcomes is consistent with the influence process of transactional leadership. Utilitarian values can take the form of either act (decisions based on outcomes) or rule (decisions based on rules) utilitarianism. Experimental research demonstrates that leaders primarily base their responses to ethical dilemmas on utilitarian beliefs.
The change-oriented leadership literature distinguishes transformational and transactional leadership styles. Transactional leaders influence followers by controlling their behaviors, rewarding agreed-upon

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