The Leadership Of A Transformational Leader

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Nurse leaders play a vital role in constructing standards and leading organizational change. According to Ward (2002) transformational leaders possess a distinctive ability to familiarize and realign their perspective to the dynamics of an ever-changing environment (p. 125). According to Roussel, Thomas, and Harris (2016), “good leaders, like good managers, provide visionary inspiration, motivation and direction”, which is in alignment with the attributes of a transformational leader (p. 27). Hence, it is essential that organizations employ and develop transformational leaders to fulfill the demands and challenges in today’s healthcare delivery system.
One leader that comes to mind that I know and respect is the director of our Cardiovascular Service Line unit. The leader possesses a vast amount of knowledge and skill base that she has attained through an assortment of evidence-based research findings and career competencies in becoming an effective leader. This nurse leader holds strengths in the ability to effectively manage people, communicate in a charismatic way, and lead others by engaging them in decision-making. The senior leader mirrors an image of passion, open and honest, good listening skills with open communication, and provides support to staff, while maintaining colleague relationships throughout the organization. It is apparent the nurse leader has placed emphasizes on developing new ways of doing things, which is displayed in the drive and commitment

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