The Role Of Major Ken Morris As A Transformational Leader

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It is critical for leaders to be strong communicators at all times, especially during times of change. During times of change, it is most effective for new leaders to keep staff well informed and create an open environment where individuals can express questions and concerns. Major Ken Morris, a devoted leader in the Salvation Army for twenty-five years, was assigned as the new organizational leader in late 2013 in Lakeland due to his construction credentials (Pera, 2013). As a transactional leader, he leads by rules, procedures, and standards intervening only if they are not met. Major Morris was primarily passive, he focused on the efficiency of operation, and his effectiveness in getting his assigned projects carried out in a …show more content…

Major Morris puts himself in the position of responding to all questions, concerns, and complaints instead of communicating with his staff and trusting them to carry part of the load.
As a result, Mr. Turner stated, Morris was hard to reach, did not answer complaints in a timely manner, avoiding making decisions, and often failed to listen, which created tension among the Sleepy Hill Estate residents. Additionally, Jim Turner contacted Major Morris regarding several major issues; landscape trees with active root systems were planted in the wrong areas, according to the architectural plans causing encroachment into their septic tanks and pools, the retention pond drain was clogged causing flooding into the homeowner’s backyards, and the lawn behind their homes was overgrown (personal communication, April 17, 2015).
Major Morris was slow to respond to the complaints and did not come to the property to examine the damages. Major Morris told Mr. Turner that our organization does not have enough manpower or equipment to keep up with the lawn mowing at this time, you can remove the trees after final inspection, and the pumps will be repaired in the near future (Jim Turner, personal communication, April 17, 2015). The positive relationship built by Captain Colbert leadership with the neighboring community has now turned into one of doubt and distrust, that the Salvation Army will maintain the property and be good neighbors. On a positive note, the

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