The Leadership Philosophies of Jack Welch

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In this paper, I will examine and discuss aspects of the lecture that I agree with, as well as, aspects that I do not agree with. In addition, I will provide examples that I have seen in the workplace that coincide with Jack Welch’s presentation.
Agreed With Points:
I agree with Jack Welch and the importance of people, as a leader. Consequently, I feel as a leader understanding, motivating and developing people is the primary product of a leader. I feel that as a leader, through effective people skills it allows you to thoroughly know each subordinate, as they were a member of your family. As a result, as an effective leader you understand the individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and his or her threats. Therefore, you understand how to motivate, develop with each of your subordinates. Furthermore, as a leader, you are responsible for developing and making the most of each person on your team. At work, I have seen team leaders that have had great ideas but just focus on those ideas rather than people, as a result, there is disconnect and nothing becomes reality. Conversely, at work I focus on the people- energizing and developing them so they can reach their highest potential. Consequently, as I develop each person’s deficiencies and…
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