The League Of Legends World Championship

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Imagine an enormous arena completely filled with screaming, ecstatic fans cheering for their corresponding teams that have come to compete that day. Behind the scenes, the athletes are nervous, they are about to compete in the biggest, most important event of their lives. However, they are professionals, so they have trained a majority of their lives for this moment, constantly practicing their craft, going over film, and working alongside their teammates in order to achieve their ultimate goal, winning the championship. This description at first look may seem to be describing a championship sporting event such as the NBA Finals, the World Series, Stanley Cup Finals or even the World Cup Final. However, none of these events are what is being depicted. What is actually being illustrated is the finals for numerous Esports competitions such as the League of Legends World Championship or the StarCraft World Championship Series. Ever since the first invention of video games, there has always been a stigma that came with being a gamer. Gamers have always been labeled as geeky, nerdy, immature, and even fat and lazy. Some of the public’s perception of Esports as well as their desire to not have it labeled as a real sport in Esports’ brief history exemplifies the stigma and negative connotation of the word “gamer.” However, in the increasingly innovative and technological modern world, the idea that Esports should not socially or legally be considered to be a real sport has become

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