The League Of Nations : An Organization

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The League of Nations The League of Nations was an intergovernmental organization birthed in 1920 in Geneva, Switzerland as a result of the European powers that were seeking to maintain world peace. It was formed right after the World War 1 in a bid to avert any future situations that would cause the death and destruction of so many people and property again. This paper is a look at its general organization and why I think that it did not have a chance. One of the primary goals of the League of Nations was to ensure that the state of peace in the nations was going to be maintained by the collective disarmament of the nations as well as implementing security measures throughout the nations involved. Furthermore, the LN was formed …show more content…

Unlike the member states that were there, this organization lacked any means of enforcement of its decisions in the member states. This meant that the ability of the LN to enforce its decisions on member countries, especially in the case of disarmament that was the main area of concern, was tough.
The League of Nations was at many instances referred to as the ‘toothless bulldog’ because of this phenomenon. The dependence on the Great Powers that were at the time, namely Britain and Germany among others, caused the League of Nations to be easily manipulated against the objective application of its purpose and goals. It usually depended on this powers for the enactment of economic sanctions against countries and the provision of an armed forced when required. It is, however, notable that since the inception of diplomacy, countries had put their interests ahead of international law obligations – which at the time were not strictly enforced. As such, this dependence was often hampered because the interests of the League were not always aligned to the interests of the Great Powers. Thus, the League at times would end up with no army to enforce their decisions, or powers to assert their sanctions against errant member states. This is because the Great Powers would measure the enactment of League sanctions against interests of the member states and

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