The Learning And Use Of The Foreign Language

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Nigeria’s geographical position where she is surrounded by francophone neighbors such as Chad, Republic du Benin and Cameroon calls for a functional knowledge of French. With the knowledge of French, Nigeria and her Francophone neighbors would be able to work together locally and internationally. This however can only be achieved if there is communicative proficiency on the part of the citizens. Without this, Nigeria will be linguistically, politically, educationally and socially isolated from her francophone neighbors. This realization informed certain provisions guiding language study in Nigeria education system.

The learning and use of the foreign language is not only peculiar to Nigeria. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Early bilingual education was advocated by the Renaissance humanists but in more recent times, international organizations are reiterating that position and giving it a broader application. In 1993, a forum of United Nation’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) experts hoping to build a world that will be rid of many conflicts tearing it apart proposed that the education of the young people must include exposure to plurality of languages. Learning to communicate in a foreign language has long been recognized as an essential ingredient of a liberal education. Furthermore, in this age of globalization and interdependence that the world is becoming a smaller place and that more and more people are moving around the globe for work and
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