The Objectives Of Foreign Language Learning

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2.4 Objectives of Culture in Foreign Language Learning According to Risager (1989) there are three main objectives which have been linked to the culture in foreign language learning. Firstly, it talks about the learner’s cognitive development and its focus is on providing information about the countries where the language has been spoken. Secondly, it talks about the learner’s development of foreign language skills. Here the main concern is on the cultural contexts, it gives the information to the learners about the foreign language culture so that it will help them to communicate in an effective way in different cultural contexts. Thirdly, its focus is on the cultural and social issues in foreign language learning. Here the main concern lies toward the attitudes of the learners. It shows that how learners…show more content…
It discussed that language is used as an instrument to express meaning, feelings and thoughts. On the other hand, culture is considered as the material production and through it a group of people can represent itself. It talks about the awareness of cross-culture in foreign language learning. Foreign language learning extends learners understanding towards foreign culture and social phenomenon. This chapter also touched the objectives of culture in foreign language learning. The learning of foreign language in socio-cultural contexts and cognitive and affective consequences of culture learning are also discussed in this chapter. It elaborates the concept of the cognitive and affective outcomes of cultural learning that affective outcomes considered as learning outcomes of cultural study and cognitive outcomes would be related with mind. At the end of the chapter, it has described that how foreign language effects on the culture of learners and it explained its some reasons about that concept. The next chapter elaborates the research design, methods and the procedure of data
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