The Learning Capabilities Through Video Games

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The next topic we will cover is the part that we are most excited about. The console will have the ability to educate and train students, military personnel, and police force. I will also be discussing the various peripherals we have developed to aid in education and training.

We have gotten in contact with many different educators to ask what they thought about the learning capability through video games. ”Video games are playing an increasing role in school curricula as teachers seek to deliver core lessons such as math and reading—not to mention new skills such as computer programming—in a format that holds their students’ interests. Some herald this gamification of education as the way of the future and a tool that allows students to take a more active role in learning as they develop the technology skills they need to succeed throughout their academic and professional careers.” (Malykhina 1) Most all of these educators had flashbacks to times when they played games such as “School House Rock” and “The Oregon Trail” either when they were in school or while teaching in their early years. We were reassured that they thought gaming could be used a pivotal tool in the educating of young students. We developed the Ninesis Gaming System to link up as many controllers as needed for a whole class; along with this we have developed a projector peripheral that links with the system through Bluetooth that would be placed at the vertices between the wall and the

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