The Learning Environment Committee

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The learning environment committee was responsible for understanding how to create a classroom/environment that promoted learning in schools. The learning environment committee chose to make classrooms that are modern and simplistic, yet using bright colors that promote positive attitudes in the classroom. The first policy was to leave three walls of the classroom a neutral color and have one wall that is a bright color, leaving the blinds open to allow light to shine into the classroom, and also to limit the use of red in a classroom (red is shown to have negative moods that accompany it). All three of parts of the first policy passed and as a future educator I felt that these were all very good ideas to promote positive attitudes and thinking in the classroom. A student spends most of their school day in the classroom and in order for them to be successful many times their moods play a large role in them doing well. If a student is in a bad mood their more than likely not focusing on school and if having a positive learning environment helps the student learn it is necessary to make sure that positive learning classrooms are there. The next policy focused on math and how teachers can practice and teach math to their students using math games, which helps with the fact that boys and girls learn differently. This policy passed after it was amended, so that teachers are not forced to play math games but so the teachers will have the resources if they need them. I personally

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