Developmentally Appropriate Environment

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In a developmentally appropriate, well organized environment, children grow and learn. The teacher is responsible for creating a pleasing environment that reflects the needs and interests of the children. The classroom should be designed to promote self-help and independent behavior. Well planned space is arranged to meet the needs of the children in the classroom. The Core of DAP suggests the teacher should consider what is known about child development, learning, individual children, and social/cultural contexts when designing a classroom. Many pieces of the environment can influence how a child feels in the classroom. The text Planning and Administering Early Childhood Programs states that “aspects such as color of the walls, type of …show more content…

Decker, Decker, Freeman & Knorpf state the idea: Furniture and equipment should be flexible and open-ended. It should be easy to rearrange the room to respond to children’s needs and interests. Movable platforms, risers, large hollow blocks, movable tables, boxes, large pieces of fabric, clothespins, and other open-ended materials give children opportunities to arrange spaces to suit their needs. They enhance children’s imaginative play; provide opportunities for

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