The Legacy Of Henry Ford

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Historical Leader

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is a well-known historical leader who was born in Michigan in the year 1863 and later died in the year 1947. (Leadership With You). During his lifetime, Ford accomplished quite a bit and was a highly successful leader during his time. Ford stood up for what he believed in, while by being a peace candidate during his time running for office, and openly opposing World War II. (Leadership With You) Not only did Ford speak his mind and impressively perfect the assembly line (100 Leaders), as well as run a company we all know many good things of, he was a fantastic leader.
Henry Ford was integral in history for many positive reasons. Ford had many great achievements that made him popular or famous, but he was a great leader behind his corporation. Ford was intelligent, self-confident, determined, showed integrity, and was social which are all major leadership traits. (Northouse 23) His determination was proven not only while he was growing up and was apprenticing working with “horseless carriages” (Leadership With You), but also when Detroit Automobile Company failed and he kept going and later started his successful Ford Motor Company. (100 Leaders) Ford served people while caring for his employees and making sure to pay them well which in turn actually helped him and them as they bought cars and he made more business through them. (Leadership With You) All of these

things made him very successful and many people looked to…
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