Henry Ford : The World 's Most Influential Leader

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Thesis statement Imagine never getting in a car or never using charcoal. Although there are a plethora of leaders, Henry Ford was by far one of the most influential. Mr. Ford played a major role in the history of America from boycotting the great war to enhancing the assembly line, and modern transportation technology. Henry Ford was the world’s most influential leader. From founding one of the worlds most successful car companies, to having a major influence on WWI, he has profoundly shaped the 20th century and left an impact on every single one of our lives. Although Mr. Ford is considered one of the wealthiest and most commonly known people in the world, Ford was founded by his hard work and dedication to supply a perfect product. At one point half the cars on the road worldwide were his famous model-t. As the company expanded he slowly began to make Ford more independent, such as purchasing acres of land for wood, purchasing land for rubber trees, and even having his own line of specialty glass blowers. Mr. Ford strived to give his customers the best deal possible, constantly finding ways do drop the price of his cars so they could be available to all. He has risen the standards not only in business but in the innovative world as well. Overall it is safe to say Henry Ford embodies success and has given the American Dream a new definition, he has truly inspired us all. LEADERSHIP- THE POSITION OR FUNCTION OF A LEADER, A PERSON WHO GUIDES OR DIRECTS A GROUP. HENRY
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