The Legacy Of The Lincoln

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Lincoln Motor Co, is a U.S. brand of luxury and classic cars, recognizes the significant work and influence of Latin women in different fields. Every year, the Lincoln brand nominates two women who are examples of success and which share their characteristics of what the Lincoln brand represent. These two women great example of personal effort, uniqueness and outstanding success. They are contributing back to the community and building bridges between cultures in their specific roles, not only by being role models, but they also represent the hard work of a Latin woman in society. This 2015, Lincoln brand nominated Albania Rosario founder and creator of Uptown Fashion Week and Mariela Dabbah, CEO of Red Shoe Movement as the Damas de Lincoln 2015. Albania Rosario, Dama de Lincoln 2015. Lincoln is an synonym of luxury design and inspiration, a brand which represents a unique style and achieved greatness. Albania Rosario is a woman who has achieved greatness and personifies a perfect model of what women can be and what women can achieve in the world. She 's a founder and creator of " Uptown Fashion Week ", a fashion company that provides designers from Latin America an opportunity to showcase our talent during the celebrated New York City Fashion Week, a company that is showing the

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