The Legacy Of The Museum Library Essay

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Founded in 1989, the National Automotive Museum holds approximately two-hundred cars, but still has the records of all the cars that Harrah collected before he died. The Automotive museum provides knowledge of all the cars that are in the museum as well as the cars that were sold off after Harrah’s death. Projects that go into working with this museum include archiving both old and new knowledge of cars, sorting research done on sold cars for new owners, transcribing letters of a man who originally owned the cars before Harrah, and finally putting new information in the computer system called PastPerfect. All of these things are behind the scenes of the museum, but help by being a large factor in the income and general knowledge for the museum. First is the archiving and working in the museum library. The Automotive museum collects journals, magazines, media, and books about cars. This Library includes car articles that go back to the 19th century when the car was new a novel machine; and goes all the way up to the most recent editions of car magazines that feature electric Tesla cars. This is quite possible one of the largest libraries of cars in the world, therefore, it is one of the best places to do research on cars. One task that must be done is the update of the library. As previously stated, the library is in possession of magazines and books from contemporary times to archive. Every month or so, new magazines are sent to the museum to be archived. While this may

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