The Legal System Of Law

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Marquez Martinez English 12 Mrs. Wallace 2/8/15 Law Many people know their own legal rights as citizens, but how many actually know what the law is and what it means to us? What is its importance to our well being? What kind of impacts does it have on society and what impacts does society have on the law? All these questions add up to the most important and broad question, what is the law? The legal system is a system that interprets and enforces the law; a system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may be enforced by the imposition of penalties. It is what keeps the peace among societies, nations, and individuals concerning matters such as fairness,…show more content…
Although there are countless subjects pertaining to the law, its separated into the two most common areas: civil and criminal. Criminal law is when an individual or group of individuals that has committed an act that can be considered harmful to society and/or individuals. If proven guilty of a said act, they can be imprisoned or fined depending on its severity. Common cases involving criminal law are theft, vandalism, white collar crime or cases with more severity such as murder and assault. For example, if one is convicted for selling illegal drugs on the street or stealing a car and that individual is found guilty for that crime, they will be punished accordingly. The initial fine amount or sentencing is predetermined accordingly by the state or federal laws and constitution, then decided by the grand just, then enforced and solidified by the judge. Civil law usually deals with money and the settling of lawsuits between organizations or individuals seeking compensation and satisfaction to the winning party. Subject matters that often deal with civil law are entitlement of real and personal property, financial security, compensation if ones property is harmed in any way and enforcing regulations on businesses and corporations. For example, if an insurance company refuses to pay for damages on an insurer’s vehicle, the insurer could file a lawsuit against the company
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