The Legalization Of Gay Marriage

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It appears people are less frequently getting married to hide being gay than in the past. Now it has be-come more prominent socially. The legalization of gay marriage has led to more people feeling comfortable coming out. There are definitely still people that hide being gay due to family, friends, or religious lack of acceptance. This could af-fect treatment of patient if they do not fully tell the physician their full sexual history. In the video, one of the characters said, “everything in its own time”. A person should not be pressured to come out, he or she can take their time and come out when the time is right. If a younger person is not comfortable having this conversation or is afraid to come out then it is important for the …show more content…

This tape is a little old so what Ellen was experiencing was less accepted during that time. Ellen was actually one of the first people to come out as a female celebrity. Now days the ideal of normality has expanded. Back then people where more worries about losing their shows, sales, records etc. if they are out publically. Today some gay people may still feel a little less comfortable displaying their lives for everyone, such as family pictures placed out on desks. There might still be a bit of a double standard.

Give your own comment on the group discussion: It was interesting to hear about Ellen’s history as an actress coming out from some of the older students in the room. Some of them could remember when she came out and how big of a deal it was to everyone. Now days, growing up haven known Ellen as a popular talk show host and actress it is hard to image the publics initial reaction. I think this is a good example of how times have changed a bit and the general public has become more accepting. Ellen’s experience also shed light onto different factors that might affect one’s decision to come out, such as its effect on one’s social life or career.

How do you think this film clip will assist you in approaching and treating your patient in a holistic man-ner: The video showing Ellen’s character on TV struggling with coming out to her friends showed just how hard it can be for a patient. There is a lot of emotional stress involved with the

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