The Legalization Of Marijuana For Industrial Use

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Power Flower Most citizens of the United States look down upon the thought of cannabis but the legalization of marijuana for industrial use would create jobs, benefit the economy, and contribute to the environment through a number of uses from the plant. A good choice would be to crack down on the sales of marijuana, but the smarter choice would be to legalize! Many jobs would be created for the growth of cannabis. In order for the US to grow and sell marijuana, taxes would be added, therefore creating more money for the economy just by legalizing the growth of a plant. Legalizing cannabis would create an extreme amount of jobs for this growing industry. Since the early 1990’s, the number of hemp oriented businesses in the US has gone from estimates of about 20, near the beginning of 1992 to upwards of 300 and possibly closer to 500 today. Many more states are starting to decriminalize the power flower. One of the many jobs it would create is farming for the plant. Also, the growth of marijuana can help reduce global warming effects. Hemp plants will help the water crisis; not needing much water to be grown compared to cotton. The growth of hemp can also be grown anywhere and at any climate making it much easier to make profit from. Another job would would be sales associates in the dispensaries, helping college students to have jobs while going to school. Hemp can also be made into clothes, paper, cars, plastics, paint, building materials, rope, linens, medicines…
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