The Legalization Of Marijuana Legalization

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Secondly, the monetary gain of its legalization for most has been productive to say the least. For example, Denver Colorado is on track to more than triple the marijuana tax revenue this year alone. $44 million was collected in 2014. In July 2015, 73.5 million was collected, while 19.6 million went to schools. A place such as Chicago could really use the legalization to help with the school system infrastructure issues they have. With a deficit of over 1.1 billion marijuana sales could alleviate both the conditions of schools themselves, as well as provide more funding. Funding for programs designed to give at risk youth outlets to release some of the frustrations of living in such deplorable conditions. The same monetary profit could be used to help secure safer neighborhoods and first responders to police. That would save the head to outsource services providing stabilization of important economic responsibility of the state. Another important aspect to consider when pondering marijuana legalization would be whether certain liberties are being upheld. For example, freewill constitutes that the government cannot dictate the freewill of individuals who expose themselves despite the risks involved. There are several harmful things our government knows is bad for us. We are legally allowed to consume them anyway, because we take that risk personally. Why does the same not apply for marijuana? Cigarettes contains several harmful ingredients. However labeling

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