The Levels Of Hierarchy Of Needs

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Motivation is defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Numerous incidents occur in our lives where we are motivated and numerous incidents occur where we lack any motivation. As I am a full time student and not currently working, I chose to write this paper on my motivation to finish my education and attain a higher level degree in health care. According to Abraham H. Maslow’s Theory, there are five levels of hierarchy of needs. During the first level, we are dealing with our physiological needs which are the basic needs of survival. I am fortunate enough to be living a life where I have access to water, food, and shelter. During the second level, we are dealing with our safety needs. I attain my safety from …show more content…

Steve Reiss’s Theory and idea of status states that status is attained through the desire for prestige. It also means that a person is very conscious about reputation and how they are viewed by those around them. I am an Indian who believes in the Indian caste system. The caste system is a class structure that everyone is born into. In the Indian culture, life is dominated by the caste system. I was born to a mother and a father who were both born into the upper levels of the caste system. This means that my parents enjoyed a life of high materialistic value. Those in the upper class also valued the importance of education because those who had prestigious college degrees were the ones who were highly respected. This component of my culture has been passed down to me and these are the values that I live with today. I want to continue to earn the respect of my family and those in the Indian community by going on to earn my PhD. There are positive and negative components of the Indian caste system, but it is a custom and a practice that has been followed for centuries. There are many periods in our lives where we lack motivation. Using Steven Reiss’s Theory, and his idea of order, I am able to recall the multiple times I have lost a sense of motivation. Steven Reiss’s Theory and idea of order states that a person dislikes clutter because they prefer the stability of an

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