The Life Of My Life

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Everyone’s journey is a unique one, and that’s what makes us special. I might only be twenty-six years old, but I have had a lot of experiences. From people and athletics to jobs and education, they all have taught me something. Without being intentional and taking risks, you won’t discover new things about yourself, and you won’t lead a happy and fulfilling life. You meet a lot of people in your life. For me the most important and influencing are family and the friends you choose to accept as family. I was born in 1991 and became the sixth member of my family. For the next nine years I thought my family was normal, filled with love, fighting, and yelling. Unfortunately, I was young and naïve and there were clearly issues, which was why my parents got a divorce in 2000. From that point on I was not able to be young and naïve anymore. I may have had two parents and three older siblings, but it seemed everyone went their own ways so I had to grow up fast to take care of myself. Thankfully around this same time was when I met this weird girl named Amanda. We would hangout and eat mountains of chocolate together, then her mother would let me stay the night because she knew the alternative was taking me home to an empty house. Although Amanda was weird and she thought the same of me, we intentionally chose to be frienemies (friend/enemies) from that time forward. In 2009 when I started school at CCC I met my current boyfriend Sam. Starting a relationship with him

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