The Life Of My Life

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When I was younger, things were so simple. I was getting good grades, winning spelling bees, and even making honor roll. Everything started going downhill when my parents seperated. As I got older things became more difficult. My teenage years were some of the hardest times of my life. After my parents seperated, I was constantly moving back and forth between homes and schools. I started to do worse in school because I didn't care anymore. I thought; why try if I'm not going to be here long. Pretty soon highschool came around and I told myself I was really going to try this time. The first couple of weeks of school were tolerable. A few months passed by and that is when everything changed. Kyle --the kid I sat next to in one of my classes-- was vulgar to say the least. Everyday I would hear the words "you're fat" or "no one wants to be friends with a blimp" coming from his mouth. Everyday those words cut deeper. Kevin was just as malicious as kyle. He thought it would be funny to throw a basketball at me numerous times. I remember looking at him, and he had this villainous grin from ear to ear. He was ecstatic to see Day after day I got tired of going to school and felt worthless so I started self harming. It made me feel better, in a way that can not be explained. I eventually stopped going to school. I would make up excuses of why I didn't want to go. I would tell my dad that I had bad migraines. My dad finally said to me that he'll take me to the doctor. When I
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