The Life Stage Of Adolescence

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It is imperative that scholarship is thoroughly achieved as social work practitioners serve clients within each stage of life and the behaviors that follow. Notably, this level of expertise affords practitioners the ability to exam and predict behaviors, thus having a direct impact on a successful long-term treatment plan. This document will examine the life stage of adolescence along with the biological, cognitive, and psychological issues. Additionally, this collection will provide the norms for adolescence, implications for abnormal transitions, and appropriate theoretical application. Norms of Adolescence There are various developmental milestones associated with the transition into and out of the life stage of adolescence. With …show more content…

Empirical research conducted by the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, suggests that the well-being of girls is lower due to higher achievement stress, than that of males when raised in a low social economic status household (Plenty & Mood, 2016). Markedly, it is evident that the lack of tangible and non- tangible resources, such as health care access and good nutrition has a direct correlation with normal transitions.
Biological, Cognitive, and Psychological Issues As an agent evaluates an individual within this life stage, they must be aware of the interplay amongst biological factors and behaviorism. Expressly and as aforementioned, adolescents are going through a magnitude of physical changes. One change is the development of primary and secondary sex characteristics due to the increase in testosterone and estrogen (Rogers, 2016). With that mentioned, various literature supports the correlation amongst testosterone and aggression (Platje et al., 2015). Conversely, the rise of estrogen and progesterone in females, suggests a correlation to depression and withdrawal (Shapero, McClung, Bangasser, Abramson, & Alloy, 2017). There are multiple cognitive issues that manifest within adolescence. Notably, adolescents are transitioning from concrete to formal operational thinking within Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development (Rogers, 2016). Therefore, the individual now has the ability to analyze properties, hypothesize, and think abstractly

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