The Life and Times of Abraham: An Analysis of the Biblical Character

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An analysis of the life and times of Abraham is essentially an analysis of the special faith that his God required, and which some people believe this God still requires. Abraham was one of the first individuals who God revealed himself too. As such, there was no precedent of believing in Him or an established religion for Abraham to adhere to. All of these things came slowly into place as Abraham was living and learning from God and continued to unfold well after Abraham had died. Yet his story functions as a case study for the value of faith, its importance to God, and all of the wondrous things that can happen when these two elements which are in some ways as vital to the foundation of Christianity as anything Christ represented or achieved are combined. It is essential to realize that Abraham was a pagan when he initially received God's call. He was born in Ur (at first his name was Abram) and took his first wife, Sarai, prior to God's first contacting him. Thus, it is all the more remarkable when God did first speak to him (and told him to move to the land of Canaan which he promised would one day be given to Abram's ancestors) that Abram did so without any questioning or doubting of God's word (Genesis 12: 1-4). This occurrence was extremely significant since it attests to the magnitude of Abraham's faith, particularly since there were no other religious adherents or people he could share this information with at the time. There are a number of other events that
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