The Life of Steven Paul Jobs Essay

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Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali were unwed parents of a little boy born on February 24th, 1955. They made a life-changing decision to put that baby up for adoption. One of the candidates for adoption was Paul and Clara Jobs. Joanne and Adbulfattah wanted their son to be able to get a college education and a good paying job. Paul and Clara was a lower-middle class couple. The child’s biological parents were reluctant to allow the Jobs to adopt him, but in the end, they allowed it. The Jobs moved to Mountain View a couple years after adopting the little boy that they had ended up naming Steven Paul Jobs. Steve Jobs grew up in a low-middle class neighborhood with engineers working on a bunch of electronics and multiple gizmos in…show more content…
Woz’s mental notes from the meetings he attended, as well as his talent with technology, allowed him to build a personal computer board. Jobs took interest in his friend’s invention and thought about the idea of selling it to software hobbyists. Software hobbyists wanted to write their own software without having to deal with assembling their computer kit. This led to the invention of the first Apple computer on April 1st, 1976. Steve and Woz began assembling computer boards for the Apple I computer in Steve’s parents garage and also sold them to independent computer dealers nearby. Woz had already began operations for the next bigger, better computer – the Apple II. The Apple II was an expandable, more powerful system that would support graphics of color. These young men knew deep down that these computers could be very successful, so Jobs started searching for venture capital. He came to convince former Intel executive Mike Markkula to invest $250,000 into his and Woz’s company. In January of 1977, Markkula would go on to say to his young founders of Apple that thanks to the success of the Apple II, their company should be on its way to becoming a Fortune 500 company in less than two years. Markkula was right in the fact that Apple was an American success story. The Apple II had come to crush most of its competitors and the sales of he Apple II made Steve and Woz millionaires with
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