Essay about The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27 1756 in Salzbury, Austria. His father Leopold Mozart was a successful composer, violinist and assistant concert master at the Salzbury court. His mother Anna Maria Pertl was born into middle class. Her family was local community leaders. He had a sister named Maria Anna Mozart. Her nick name was Nannerl. She was 4 years older than Wolfgang. At the age of 3 Wolfgang mimic his sister playing the piano. He showed that he understood cords, tonality and tempo. That when his father began tutoring him. At the age of 5 Wolfgang demonstrated outstanding playing on the clarinet and violin. In 1762 at the age of 6 Wolfgang and his sister started touring throughout Europe from Paris to London. On his…show more content…
In March 1781 he was asked by Archbishop von Colloredo of Vienna for Joseph the 2nd of Austrian throne, while he took the job, he was treated like a servant. After getting out of that job with the Archbishop’s. He decided to stay in Vienna and work as a freelance performer and composer. Where he live with his friend an at the home of Fridolin Weber. Wolfgang found work in Vienna. His work ranged from teaching, writing music and playing in concerts. He also being writing an opera call die Entfuhruing aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the seraglio). In 1781 he fell in love with Fridolin Weber’s daughter Constaze. They were married on August 4 1782. Constaze and Wolfgang had 6 children, but only 2 kids’s survived infancy. There names are Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver. Wolfgang followed the music of Johannes Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel. Which influenced his own music such as Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute), and symphony number 41? Along that time Wolfgang and Joseph Hergdn meet and became good friends. When they got together they performed impromptu concerts with string quartets. Wolfgang wrote 6 quartet dedicated to Haydn between 1782 and 1783. In 1783 Wolfgang’s music started to take off. He and his wife started living the lavish lifestyle. With his new wealth he had servants, exclusive apartment building in Vienna and expensive boarding school for the kids. In 1784 Wolfgang wrote a Mass in C minor, and only two
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