The Lifelong Health Effects Of Childhood Trauma

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The topic that I have decided to write about is childhood trauma. I wanted to research the lifelong health effects that are caused by childhood trauma. One thing that has always concerned me is the life of children growing up in war-zones or areas with extreme poverty and crime. I assume that there is a correlation between traumatic experiences and health. Many people would argue that the correlation behind it is that it is more likely that a person makes bad health decisions like drinking and doing drugs when they grow up in those conditions but I know that there is research that can directly link a bad experience to health. This is something that I am really eager to research and learn more about, and something I’d like the world to know about. This country and many countries have been involved in ongoing wars in the Middle East. There are thousands and thousands of children growing up experiencing traumatizing events. It is important to understand the way war affects these children. It is something to consider when our country decides to accept Syrian refugees to our country. I have grown up in low-income neighborhoods with high crime rates and I have witnessed people getting killed as well as lost several friends due to gang violence. I’ve also noticed many students at school who grew up in tough homes, were the same students having a hard time at school and eventually end up in the wrong paths. I understand that traumatic experiences and growing up in these

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