The Lions Den Analysis

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The Lions Den Once there was a boy who always goes to school and gets bullied. Just because he is a little different, and people are afraid of different. This boy doesn't do anything bad at school either. Once he arrives at school the boy goes straight to class because the teacher is there so he feels safer. The day goes on and the bullies make fun about everything about him. But the boy doesn't get bothered by it. The bullies always push him around and they see that he doesn't really make a big deal about it. Little did they know that this particular boy was small in size and quiet in person but there was something in him that was strong. Something that no one would understand. The end of the school day was the boys…show more content…
As the lion takes on the hyenas, he's gaining self confidence. Which is why the bullies have no effect on him. The lion defeats the 5 hyenas and the other animals praise him. Even in the real world where no one pays attention to him, he knows deep inside that they praise him. For what he has done for them. What he doesn't know is that there are other people just like him. Only there different types of animals and their job is the same as the boy. Not only is there more like him but they all go through the same problems as the boy. They are bullied and not treated with respect. Physical violence is not a good way to solve problems no matter how bad the situation is. So when the kids enter the Revelation that's where they can battle and earn respect. To them it means the world knowing that they are the most important protector of everyone in their area. Without them more lives would be heartless people. The boy will live the rest of his life being proud knowing that he is protecting thousands of young boys and girls, fighting in
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