The Little Chinese Seamstress Character Analysis

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Of course not everybody in the world likes to talk about exactly what they are feeling or thinking all the time. There is a certain degree of things that generally are kept private. However, in the book The Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie, the main character (who doesn’t ever reveal his name to the audience, so is simply called the Narrator), comes off as an especially closed-off character-specifically in the beginning half of the story. He rarely ever speaks what he is actually thinking, which makes him a kind of difficult character to relate to. The Little Seamstress, a local beauty, has caught his eye-along with every other male in the village-, but he struggles with how to express his feelings because he is not used to doing so, and because his best friend (Luo) is dating her. On pages 161-163, Luo has left the village and asked the Narrator to keep an eye on the Little Seamstress while he is away. However, even though the Narrator keeps his word, he can’t help but feel attracted to her and an inner battle between what he wants and what is right begins. In this part of the story, the Narrator feels torn between his love and affection towards the Little Seamstress and his commitment/promise to Luo. Here, the Narrator finally portrays to what extent he feels towards her, but does so very subtly (which is fitting seeing as that’s who he is a character: altogether reserved).

With the job that the Narrator has been tasked with, he is certainly not neglecting his

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