The Little Things Count : College Versus High School

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When the little things count: college versus high school When you change from the world being a reliant teenager to an young adult you go through a series of life transitions and educational stages. Society marks the educational jump from being a teenager to an adult in a stereotypical way, you are expected to go from high school to college. While attending high school it is the goal of those teachers to prepare you for this aperture into the unknown. Learning important lessons like get your work in on time, be prompt to class and to develop and practice study skills. All of which are small stepping stones to the ultimate goal, college. So when asked what the differences are between the college and high school experience, the one main differences is responsibility. The overall structure of college and high school are seemly different, whether it be the workload, class structure and or the teachers expectations they each hold their own educational importance. Students attend school to prepare them for the world outside of school. In high school you learn life lessons and basic learning skills, in college you practice them. In high school students go through many changes within their lives. The four years of high school mark this changing period and seem to be a helpful guide to the world up ahead. The workload of high school courses is a slight transition between middle school and college. The students are expected to do the work but their success relies on

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