High School And College

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The purpose of high school and college is to educate a person. Most people decide to continue their education in college to get a job later on in life. High school students do not know what the real world has to offer when entering college. Many priorities and standards change when a person starts college. Many students are going to move away and start having their own responsibilities. I believe there are many differences in classes, spending habits, and dress code between high school and college. When freshmen college students first walk into class, they are going to be shocked because it is so different from high school classes. Throughout my high school years, I have made a lot of friends. I talked to more than half of my class. I am having a hard transition in college because I do not know anyone. It is definitely worse because I am not from the area. Lamar University is in such a small city that many students are from the area. They probably know each other already and can communicate easily. High school classes are slow paced; each course last a whole year. Whereas in college, the classes are very fast paced and only a semester long. I feel high school teachers baby their students. Students in high school are constantly reminded by their teachers to finish projects, study for tests, and do their homework. The majority of the material is taught in class. A huge amount of college professors does not remind their students of any deadlines; it is the

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