The Logic Of Illogic In Reification : Holocaust And The Holocaust Analysis

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The Logic of Illogic in Reification: Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide Reification serves to reduce a person or other living creature to the status of merely an object or to ‘thingify’ them. According to Weisband, to ‘reify’ someone is “to attribute fixed, frozen, materiality or substantiality to those who character or status includes freedom, rationality, or features of spiritual status” (Weisband, “Cultural Constructions of Collective Identity in Multiple Perspectives”). When you reify someone, you reduce them from a dynamic character to a concrete symbol for a fixed idea. The atrocities of mass violence and genocide have their roots in the process of the reification of a minority group which stems from the self-reification of the majority group due to the psychological stream of the logic of illogic which perpetuates false ideas that justify violence and annihilation of the minority group. Collective identity plays a large role in reification that results in genocide due its ability to create a divide between two perceived distinct groups. Collective identities, which “are constructed through shared beliefs, values, habits, customs, norms, and traditions associated with common heritage, background, or lineage,” cause a group to unite and discriminate against those who seem to have an ‘otherness’ about them, making the ‘Other’ vulnerable to becoming a scapegoat for any problems that in-group has endured (Weisband and Thomas, 21). Hence, the effects of the logic of

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