The Loopholes of the Montreal Protocol on the Substances that Depletes the Ozone Layer

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Climate Change is one of the chief problems that the world is struggling right now. It is estimated that every decade, the world’s temperature is increasing by 1ºC and this phenomenon is called global warming. An evident example of global warming is the melting of the polar ice caps. Compare to the past hundred years, the size of the polar ice caps has reduced which resulted to the rise of the sea levels and eventually destroying the homes of those people living near the seaside. Another consequence is the increasing number of dangerous typhoons. A typhoon starts from a low pressure area in the oceans and because the temperature of the water is increasing due to global warming, more low pressure areas are formed. Next, another effect of global warming is the widespread extinction of some animals. Many animals in the Arctic and Antarctic region have migrated to other places but some of them cannot stand the heat and they died. While under the sea, many fishes have also been extinct because the coral reefs have been destroyed in the process called coral bleaching. Lastly, a common evidence of global warming is the failure of cultivated crops. Many lands have dried up and have fissures because there is no water left especially on the season of El Niño which lead to hunger and increase in demand of food. The Ozone Layer is a region in the Earth’s stratosphere which serves as a protective layer against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and prevents the escape of oxygen (O2) from the
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