The Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summary

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The book starts in a small little village that is rebuilding after the sun flares, the sun flares destroyed most everything on earth and very few things actually lived. There we meet Mark, Alec and Trina who then go to get breakfast where we meet Darnell, Toad, and Misty, when suddenly a Berg, which is a large airship, appears over the village. The berg stays suspended in the air while the hatch opens. Inside people in green suits with tube like items look down at the people of the village who have all crowded together, they then start shooting darts, and all hell breaks loose.

Alec and Mark get separated from the others and start running and trying to avoid getting shot. Alec and Mark try to get into the berg by shooting the men in …show more content…

Mark then has another dream and we find out about the Lincoln Building in New York and how there was a ton of people who had gnarly burns and injuries before a Tsunami hits it.
The gang finds what looks like a settlement and DeeDee tells them it was her old home and DeeDee warns Mark and Alec about the Man with no hair or ears. Mark and Alec go to check it out and they find them and they seem fine at first, but then Mark starts asking about why they left DeeDee and they get mad so they start dragging both Mark and Alec into fire but before they can, the man with no hair or ears appears and starts saying that the demons are taking him and then he dies. A bunch of people then start jumping into the fire and all hell breaks loose again starting a forest fire. When Mark and Alec go back to get the girls, they’re not there anymore.
And so begins a wild goose chase trying to find the three girls that are missing. Through this they find out that their calling the virus the flare, they find a group trying to stop the whole thing leaded by a man named Bruce who talks about the PFC who are the people who caused it, who then tells the entire group the Mark and Alec are PFC spies and everyone starts attacking them, they fight through it and start their goose chase again. They find a berg and beat up the pilot and kill him and steal the berg for their own and soon after mark finds out he has the Flare. Mark has another dream

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